Oil, Gas & Power

Onshore and Artifical Islands

Concept, Appraise, FEED and Execution advice including

  • Advice on the civils design and operation of drill pads, artifical islands, walking systems for drilling rigs.
  • Conductor design and installation.
  • Shallow water Production platforms
  • SPMT movement and harbour assessment in accordance with Noble Denton DNV Guidelines for marine transportations and load out / load in.
  • Design of Harbours for construction operations including large crawler and mobile cranes and SPMTĀ  movements.
  • Design of prefabricated concrete and steel structures designed to be transported to site.
  • Firewater systems.
  • Zone Tests for walking drilling rigs.
  • Laterally loaded Pile testing in calcareous sands.

Drilling on artifical islands

Drilling Rig on Artifical Island

How they walk

in order to understand the loads you need to understand how it moves from well to well. This is a video showing how the proprietary walking system works, it is very different to what many people assume.

Shallow Water Production (Mini Island) Platforms (6-20m water depth)

Artifical Islands have limitations

12m is the realistic maximum depth of water for building an island, after that the ammount of materials, time to main construction starting becomes too long. Directional drillingĀ  and the use of the simple concrete gravity structures sitting on the seabed offers a fast and viable solution for 30 or so production and and injection wells.

Diferent Depths of water are accomodated by modifying the depth of the rock foundation.

Gravity based reinforced concrete production platform.
Shallow Water Drilling and Production Reinforced Concrete Gravity Platform

Harbour Construction

Building Harbour Facilities
Harbour Surface Facities

Prefabrication & Marine Transportation

Modules on Barges being taken to the artifical islands.