Civil Engineering

Glue 2 undertakes the design of small infrastructure and groundwork schemes including private developments, carparks and roads, cut and fill schemes, land drainage and the design of drainage systems. Flood risk assessment and development of attenuation and storage systems. We design retaining walls of all sizes using materials and methods suited to the builder.


Design of estate roads,hard standing and yards together with the drainage systems and associated environmental protection systems such as petrol interceptors.

Drainage Systems

we can provide a full range of  drainage systems including

  • Storm and foul drainage systems
  • SUDS Drainage systems
  • Attenuation and storage system design.
  • Petrol and oil interceptors.
  • Stormwater attenuation for Caravan Parks,

Flood Risk Assessments

Flood risk assessments for all types developments.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be designed in many ways. Our standard design originally developed 30 years ago for used for Magnus Developments is designed for ease and speed of construction, minimum temporary works and construction by bricklayers and groundworkers.

The retaining wall design is predominantly built from masonry, reinforced concrete or a combination of both. Reinforcement can be delivered either as single element or as a series of preassembled sections that can be fitted together by operatives not skilled in the fixing of reinforcement.

All designs can be built by competent builders and groundworks contractors. Typically for for the following stem heights we would select the following solutions.

1-2m high = reinforced masonry and unreinforced masonry

2-4m high = reinforced concrete or reinforced masonry

the wall detail below was used for the retaining walls as part of the modernisation and extension of a large house on the Quantocks. It is a combination of a reinforced concrete base and unreinforced masonry panels used to create the vertical shuttering normally needed for a convertional reinforced concrete wall.

Reinforced masonry retaining wall


Culverts and Bridge Structures

Designs for highways structures and farm crossings.