Contract Engineering Services

Contract engineering services to corporate clients. Civil and Structural Engineering  design on a consulting basis and other management roles on contract basis.   Operating across the UK and throughout the world with previous posts in the Far East, UAE, Africa and the Former Soviet Republic.

Located close to Hinkley Point I am able to support large and small companies providing services to contractors  EDF’s HPC project and to the other contractors working on the HPA and HPB sites.

a more detailed list of available services is provided below.


Preparation of scheme and detailed design including calculations detailed drawings.

Preparation of specifications for fabrication and manufacture of structural elements.

Oversight of Geotechnical Investigations by specialist sub-consultants.

Advice on selection of appropriate construction methods

Design Management

Discipline Lead for structural,civil, architectural, marine and lifting activities including  Appraisal, Select, FEED and EPC  stages of  projects. That has included bridges, floating structures, power plants, artificial islands, marine and MoD submarine projects.

Construction Advice

Selection of the most appropriate construction methods at the early stage of a project is vital and requires considerable experience regardless of the project size. The influence of early engagement with contractors is not necessarily a beneficial process. Independent advice can be provided to client and contractor alike.

Value Engineering

Experience in the participation in many studies and workshops  providing  independent advice in these processes at all project stages. This has included nuclear, oil and gas, power and infrastructure projects.

Nuclear Safety Case

Expierenced nuclear safety case technical author and reviewer with experience in the production of Preconstruction Safety Reports, Design Substantiation Reports and the production of Design Reports for safety led design. Past work  has included the Valiant Floating Jetty at Faslane, D154 Nuclear Upgrade at Devonport and with Magnox as part of their Reactor Services Organisation.

Buildability & Constructability reviews

The selection of  a construction method for safe and economic delivery is often driven by a contractors preferred procurement method rather than any real understanding of the client/ project drivers and requirements. Modularisation and prefabrication fundamentally change how a project should be designed and built.

Buildability and constructability reviews can be executed at various stages of a project whether as a participant of a constructability workshop or as standalone review of a design.

Execution advice.

Provision of advice and options on execution alternatives of construction works in the form of reviews and advice notes or as part of a project team.

Defect Identification

Projects go wrong for many reasons and adequate examination of all aspects of  the problem requires a high degree of technical and construction experience to fully understand what went wrong.  Production of detailed Root Cause reports that can be used to fix and prevent subsequent re occurrences happening.

We can review construction data such as delivery tickets, reinforcement detailing, concrete mix design and relevant management processes to identify how and why things went wrong.

Construction oversight.

Resident Engineer, Construction Superintendent overseeing all forms of construction and types of structures including marine, bridge, infrastructure, reinforced concrete works in all locations.

 Remedial Works

Identification of construction defects and root cause analysis.

Development of repair procedures.

Supervision of remedial works

Building Reports

Structural reports on domestic and commercial buildings

Movement of structures

Drafting and 3D Modeling Services

2D AutoCAD drawings

3D AutoCAD solid modeling (2018)

3D SketchUP models including

  • massing studies
  • construction sequences with plant models including MP4 animation.
Proposed Intake Structure using Precast Concrete Elements


Contract Engineering Services

Design Supervision at client premises on day or hourly basis.

Short term  cover (1-3 months)

In-house design reviews

Participation in Value Engineering and Design Reviews